what hell ?!?!?!

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7/26/2009 1:04 PM

Hi guys !!
I was chilling trought Empire Online shop when I See the Funday frame:

20", 20.5", 20.75", 21" TT, 13.25" slammed CS, 74.5 HA, 71 SA, 11.5" b/b, 4.95 lbs; 41 Thermal lifetime guarantee against bending/breaking;
New Wave butted DT; hollow 8mm dropouts;
integrated HT (removeable tabs on frame w/brakes) and mid bb shell; ...

so I don't undestand if the holes are or not on the frame
If i'd buy a BRAKE one...


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7/26/2009 1:11 PM

Holes are on the frame(lol)


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7/26/2009 1:13 PM

there are no holes they are the new magic floating brakes.
they just hang in mid air.


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7/26/2009 1:15 PM

holes for gyro tabs i t hinks so yeah they do a bud of mine has a funday and runs a gyro


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7/26/2009 1:17 PM

yeah I'm talking about gyro's holes


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7/26/2009 1:43 PM

i think it means that the frames that have brakemounts have removable tabs


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