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9/7/2014 11:13 AM

Ok I have a good bunnyhop imo -

and I can do 180s on a bank
so I started trying 180s flat. I've watched maaaany tutorials on youtube and most of them say - Carve and turn your head
Here's a video of me trying to 180 flat (I made the speed of the video 0.5 so you can see better, you can make it normal if you turn it to 1.5 from where you adjust the quality of the video) -

As you can see I do carve and I do turn my head, but I still can't do a 180
Sooo can you tell me what are my mistakes?
I know these 180 threads are annoying to you, but I need help
Any tips will be helpful


9/7/2014 12:19 PM

i would say go faster, and just keep at it
its the hardest trick ive ever learned, and i still dont land it 100% of the time perfectly
just keep at it and you will learn it


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9/7/2014 12:31 PM

Go faster and pull harder. I know it's scary to go faster but it does help. The faster you go, the faster you will spin so that takes a little bit of pressure off of how hard you pull.

Just go faster and pull harder. I am working on getting oppo 180s and clean 3s and it always helps to go faster and pull harder.


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9/12/2014 11:36 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/12/2014 11:37 AM

ok I landed my first 180 today, then tried a g-turn and landed that too haha:
heres a video - http://instagram.com/p/s2vCf2HH1v/?modal=true
but it looks super lame. I was going faster as you told me, and I guess it worked, i finally did a 180, but it looks sooo lame. WHat am I doing wrong?


9/12/2014 11:43 AM

Pull up a bit harder/longer before you get the back up.


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9/12/2014 12:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/12/2014 12:09 PM

kisame2660 wrote:

ok I landed my first 180 today, then tried a g-turn and landed that too haha:
heres a video - ...more

You need to tuck your back tire up sooner and a little higher. If you noticed when you did that 180, your bike moved like 2 feet sideways, and you lost almost all of your momentum. This is because you picked up your back tire while your front tire was too far to the side, and you swung the back around to meet it. I think you should still go faster, that helped me loads. and try to carve faster. Not like at a greater riding speed, just take a sharper carve and pull up a little higher to rotate farther.


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