whats your favorite bmx trick to do?

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7/27/2015 3:52 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/27/2015 4:19 AM

mine are doing a 270 over a bank, sweet footplants, 360s and 180 fakies.


7/27/2015 4:16 AM

Not really one favorite tricks but I love doing 360's, various footplants and long fakie lines, as much with a casette or a coaster.
Oh yeah, 180 backward manual cab is a really funky trick ! (with coaster).


7/27/2015 4:18 AM

Manuals are my favorite


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7/27/2015 5:57 AM

I really enjoyed stomping whips while I had them.

That or a truck. I miss doing those (nothing to really throw them on locally in my old age).

Now that I am 100% committing to front brakes, front wheel moves are my favorite. I LOVE locking into a nosepick no footer or Nosepick ET.

I filmed a quick edit yesterday in my 45 minute session (first time riding in 2+ months aside from a little flatland here or there) that will be posted up once I figure out the tune to use. (Don't suggest any)


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7/27/2015 6:36 AM

Hop 360s, 3 to fakie on banks, 360 nose pivot to fakie on banks, footplant whips, fastplant 180s and manuals.


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7/27/2015 7:05 AM

I love a moto-whip over a smooth jump when it goes right, when you get it jjuuussstt puurrrffect. Smooth pop followed by a nice 'carve' to the side, looking' down, fluidly coming back and landing as soft as a butterfly.

For street, I'll get a 180, cauz that's the only thing I can do XD

Like X-Ups too, but can't get em 100% turned 180, bummer...


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7/27/2015 3:09 PM

Half cabs off of things and into banks
Nose bonking over ledges
Peg chinks
Sprocket chunks
Oppo tooths
Crankflips on other people bikes because it's way harder with a coaster


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7/27/2015 6:54 PM

Downside icepick on quarters feel so good.


7/27/2015 7:29 PM

Crankflips, manual 180s, 180 backwards smith to fullcab or 540 cab, footjam whips & grinding are my favorite tricks to do right now.


7/28/2015 4:29 AM

Infinity rolls are too much fun


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7/28/2015 4:55 AM

Fakie crankflips are interesting



7/28/2015 10:25 AM

I like hop 360s a lot. I'm not really good at them because I do the "wild man" 3s but they're a fun trick that I have pretty dialed. I like to do cavemans as well. I am also a fan of feeble to easy 180s as well. I like x-ups as well. I do crankflips a lot whenever I have my cassette wheel on too.

I wouldn't say that I have a favorite trick but those are some of the ones that I do often.


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7/28/2015 10:58 AM

Fast plant


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7/28/2015 3:16 PM

Stair gaps and grinding


7/28/2015 9:32 PM

crankflips over spines

270 smiths on mini's


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7/29/2015 6:08 PM

Manuals and tailwhips


7/30/2015 8:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/30/2015 8:10 PM

Hop 3s when I do em right
Fast plants
Peg chinks (when I do run pegs)
Pedal feebles on quarters
Ghost feebles
Edit: nose bonking hips is wicked fun
Can cans


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7/31/2015 3:29 PM

Nollie 180 off shit is always fun. Love a nice drop or fat 180 too, all depends on the setup though, some things are more fun on different things


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7/31/2015 10:05 PM

Lately these 2 tricks have been the funnest to do



7/31/2015 10:08 PM

Gaps. Big drops are cool.

Manuals pumps on the trails are the shit too.


7/31/2015 10:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2015 10:30 PM

sexy nosebonks and nollie half cabs


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