which frame is better

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4/10/2014 5:40 PM

UNITED BIKE CHRISTIAN RIGAL FRAME or UNITED MOTHERSHIP V2 im thinking of going with the rigal frame because the dropouts are shorter in this picture and the top tube is higher i like that... what are the advantages of shorter dropouts and higher top tubes? [LINK TO IMAGE]


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4/10/2014 6:29 PM

Without looking I'd say the christian rigal assuming its not a stock frame since idk. I'm sure its heavier than the mothership. I would look it up but I'm not really in the mood to.

Technically if the seat tube is taller the frame will be stronger due to the bigger triangle.



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4/11/2014 12:42 PM

WHat are you going to ride?




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4/11/2014 1:01 PM

The Rigal is just a beefier version of the Mothership. United stated that. the specs are basically the exact same.

With my experience with United , I'd buy their parts without a doubt. They are the best.


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