why do riders do this???

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1/22/2014 8:14 PM

i notice that in a ton of bmx videos, the rider lands a trick. then he offers a fistbump to the filmer or friends. shouldn't it be the other way?


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1/22/2014 8:21 PM

Maybe theyre just full of themselves and already expect it to be the other way around. Ever think of that?


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1/22/2014 8:22 PM

Fuck you


1/22/2014 8:24 PM
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1/22/2014 8:25 PM

Blog hogs little brother needs to quit making threads.



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1/22/2014 11:04 PM

How do you know the filmed hasn't initiated the fist bump since they are off screen since they are behind the camera


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1/23/2014 12:00 AM

Gump wrote:

How do you know the filmed hasn't initiated the fist bump since they are off screen since they are behind the camera

cuz i've seen distance shots in videos. the rider is pulling up to his friend after the trick, and puts out his fist


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1/23/2014 12:36 AM


I'm gonna need bigger bars

1/24/2014 9:24 AM

whenever I land a trick for the first time I get so pumped especially if it's a line and I just instantly go for the high five or fist bump to the first person I see it's just a reaction with the adrenaline and what not


1/24/2014 9:39 AM

I usually do a bit of a dance and scream and yell when i land something. Idk why anyone would do anything else.


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1/24/2014 10:43 AM

I just say "YES" and pump my fistsinto the air.

If others offer a high five or something, I will oblige.


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1/24/2014 10:56 AM

Two things. As a troll thread I hate to respond. But I'd like to point out that usually you cannot see a decent distance in front of the camera man himself. So if he's sitting behind a camera, there's a good chance his fist is already waiting there. Usually you can see thee fist once it has been raised for the "bump"


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1/24/2014 11:05 AM

Maybe he just feels like it?


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1/24/2014 11:28 AM

Because they can...

On a side note this girl i know her little brother calls it fisting hahaha


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1/24/2014 11:44 AM

I always ride by myself, so when i land something good i always just say "yesssssss" in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.


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1/24/2014 2:08 PM

because theyre stoked.


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