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4/19/2008 3:54 PM

i wanna get a new hub for the rear.. the WTP, and i run an FBM hub guard and was wondering if the hub guard is compatible with it cause my friend said it wasnt and the only one that works with it is the WTP hub guard.. but i wasnt sure if this is true, so is it?


4/19/2008 4:15 PM

i ride a hub guard cause i dont wanna have my hub lookin like shit, and i hate breaking spokes because it wears the wheel out faster, with a hub guard, ive broken 0 spokes

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4/19/2008 4:46 PM

"This is not true beacause all hub guards are standard. You shold not ride with a hub guard anyway because they are a wasteful piece of crap. If I were you, I would betray the friend who lied to you. Keep on riding and check out my new profile i changed it because i gt found out 2 b a fake ass" quote from nick70s

well said nick70s


4/19/2008 6:58 PM

i belive you do need the wtp hub guard because it has a differnt design that only fits the wtp hub.


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