wot is this bike worth???

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6/3/2008 5:47 PM

frame.. specailized fuze 3
forks... dnt no
bars.. dnt no
crank.. primo powebite
bb.. primo euro
front wheel.. seventies hub with primo hula hoop balck rim
backwheel.. prolite evolution pro hub 11t with primo balance 7005 crome rim
pedals.. dmr v8
seat.. 4down
lever.. oddyssey monolever small
chain.. ybn reluctant half link
sprocket.. primo analog with bash ring
brakes.. demolition
tyres.. primo the wall
stem.. demolition
headset.. fsa the pig

please tell me how much thanks


6/3/2008 5:48 PM

id say a couple dollars, ill give ya 15 for it



6/3/2008 5:54 PM

id pay like 100


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6/3/2008 6:11 PM

depends on condition id say 150-350


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6/3/2008 6:55 PM

like 100 to 200. if that sry bro.


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6/3/2008 7:45 PM

Id say if in good shape, maybe 200 or 250


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6/3/2008 7:59 PM



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6/3/2008 8:33 PM



6/3/2008 8:55 PM



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6/3/2008 8:59 PM

I'm trying to sell my Fuse 4 for $350. Specialized makes one hell of a frame.


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6/3/2008 9:10 PM

idk around 150-250 maybe..
if its in poor condition