writing on the wall comes out tomorrow!!

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11/23/2008 5:02 PM

im super stoked on this video

who else is?


doctor i'm okay, but my bike's sick

11/23/2008 5:19 PM

After seeing Dennis' section...super stoked...

Stoked on free Dr. pepper too!!!



I do stuff and I'm not good at it.

11/23/2008 5:33 PM

oh dudde thats awesome, im also stoked on free dr pepper thanks to tibug


doctor i'm okay, but my bike's sick

11/23/2008 6:14 PM

you can see each part on different sites... garretts is by FAR the best!!!

Nigels is on fatbmx.com

dennis' is on vital

spinners is on digbmx.com

garrets is on ridebmx.com

all are great but i think garretts is the best. the whole vid drops tomorrow with all the extras, but each part is viewable now. i suggest checking them out


"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

11/23/2008 7:34 PM

damn garrets part is off the hook..