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4/17/2013 4:08 PM

so i completely blew out my last cassette hub(stock) and its so messed up to the point where i can't remove the lock ring , the ring just moves with the cassette driver. Anyways I am thinking about keeping the shell and getting a new axle and getting a 1 pc odyssey driver and putting it on there. Its a 14 mm axle and I was just wondering if i could just use the same shell and if there are any specific tools I would need. any help would be appreciated


4/17/2013 8:24 PM

If the axle is slotted for an allen key, use the right size and a crescent/adjustable wrench to take both cone nuts off of both sides, assuming that both sides of the axle are slotted. Then, check out the hub and stuff. Maybe a Blackout driver? You gotta know about generic hubs (Joytech, Quando, etc.). Some are crap and won't take anything.


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