180 help!

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7/3/2013 8:40 PM

i carve into a 180 and pick up my front wheel at 90. then i lift up my back wheel and i only turn 90.


7/4/2013 5:29 PM

Ok look. It took me a while to get 180s down but I got them now. When you do a hop 180 go at a half crank speed till u get
Better at them. Anyway if your left foot foward you carve and spin to you right if your right foot
Foward you carve and spin to your left. When you carve dont
Carve too much turn your bars at 45 degree angle. Every one
States to turn your head into the direction that your spinning
But its not just a matter of turning your head. You have to turn your head and shift your body weight into the direction
Of the spin. Now after you complete the spin and about to
Land dont land with your lead foot land with your follow foot
Or you ll never land it. That will cause you to back pedal and
Dont back pedal fast you only need a full crank to stay ahead
Of the cassette or if you ride free coaster then no need to back pedal. Last is the roll out wich will probly take you a long time to get down. Ok rolling out if your left foot foward
You turn your bars to the left and pivit out to a slider or half
Cab or just pivit to the right if you right foot forward you turn
Your bars to the right and pivit out to a slider or half cab or
Pivit to the left. Trust me the roll out is way harder to learn than the 180 rotation dont get frustrated dont throw your
Bike just stick with it and it will come. I hope I helped
Keep me posted on how your coming along with it.


7/4/2013 5:39 PM

Oh I forgot. Make shure you bunny hop your 180s. You can dubble tire them but it looks cleaner
When you bunny hop them.


7/4/2013 7:47 PM

one thing that i found helps alot is if you find yourself landing alot to the side try turning your head a little faster . also this trick is very frustrating so it might take a couple months ( took me about 2 ) to learn . sometimes its best to take a day or two break from it


7/4/2013 7:49 PM

i found this video very helpful to me watch the whole thing