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7/28/2016 11:44 PM

I can 180 just fine but the way I do it both wheels go around at the same time. My question is, how can I do the "J Hop" or where the front wheel goes up first and then the back. When ever I try them I always spin a little of axis and it makes it hard to fakie. Any tips would help!


7/29/2016 11:32 PM

Don't carve, just turn as you hop. Keep your weight central, and try to do it in a straight line. Maybe find a car park with marked spaces, follow a line and try to 180 landing back on the line. Usually the reason you land at an angle is because you travel toward the direction you're turning. You can also fakie a bit easier if you over rotate it slightly


8/16/2016 5:04 AM

I had that problem before. Basically what you could try is carving slightly less and when you carve, just before you hop you need to twist your head and shoulders back and spot your landing, that should help you hop in a straight line and hopefully make fakies a lot easier. Also to fix your other problem you need to bunny hop when you rotate, when you 180 its literally the exact same motion as your bunny hoping just that you need to keep your body turned. Hope that helps. Oh and bring your knees up too smile