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5/6/2013 6:26 PM

Okay I can get 360 tire taps perfect every time, but I cannot get the full spin, I am trying to tuck but I don't think I am, any tips?



5/14/2013 7:14 PM

What i did even though you have tire taps down try carving about almost at 90 and then do your rotation and when you get it all the way around and feel comfortable doing around 270s then just start carving less and less and always make sure you turn your head where your side of your chin will hit right at the top of your shoulder dont look to high or too low (it worked for me) and if you are having trouble sucking your backend up try doing regular bunny hops (pro hops) w/e and try just sucking your but up as high as you can in the bunny hops untill you think you can suck your backend up more then just keep practiceing and hopefully you get it doing the bunny hops with sucking my but up helped me a lot! hope this helps in anyway!


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5/14/2013 9:08 PM

madmike12 wrote:

What i did even though you have tire taps down try carving about almost at 90 and then do your rotation and when you get it ...more


What he said helps a lot and i learnt mine by trying them up curbs and 2 sets and once i went back to trying them on flat i was getting the hop and rotation quite fine but there is many different ways you can learn them i hope everyone will chip in to give you a hand. and best of luck.


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5/16/2013 4:35 PM

yes its simple just keep on looking


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5/24/2013 7:44 AM

Check this page out, it goes through each step! Comment on how I could improve my how tos, and let me know if there is anything else you wanna learn on there and I will put up a tutorial! Thanks



5/24/2013 6:03 PM

Try to stay more level in the air and turn your head HARD. I learned them by staying over my bike and leaning back less. I didnt worry about tucking my legs until i actually learned 360s. For some reason I didnt really need to tuck but hey I was lucky.


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5/26/2013 7:15 AM

Whip your self around as hard as you can, but don't just huck it, also hop high and level out and all, follow the above advice, then go balls out and really throw yourself, this is how I got them


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