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8/15/2016 1:20 PM

Hi, Not sure if this is the right part of the forums for this, if not let me know and I'll posts somewhere else.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on what cranks I should buy. I'm pretty new to BMX so if anyone could offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I have some stock wethepeople cranks and bb (the worst parts on the bmx which I bought second hand), but I'm looking to change as they are worn and creak after 10 minutes even if well greased and fully tightened. I have been looking online but I cant find much advice in terms of mid priced cranks. Odysseys seem like the way to go but at £140 they're a bit too expensive for me. However, I have also heard that any cranks under £100 are not likely to last very long. I am at a reasonable level doing mainly park but no huge transfers or anything - so I doubt I need extremely strong cranks. Would be interested to hear what people think. If cheap ones are not an option, would it be worth looking around for a good second hand pair which aren't too worn? Any help is appreciated, thanks


8/16/2016 4:54 AM

There's this website ->
And if you search bmx cranks or something like that it comes up with many. I purchase most of my bmx parts there because they have massive discounts, like 80% or something like that. The cheapest ones are £26 with a 40% discount so you should have a look there smile


8/16/2016 5:08 AM

Or look on or they've always got offers and deals. Odyssey cranks are very good, and have a lifetime warranty. However, they've got a 22mm axle, and yours are probably 19mm so you'd need a new bb too which will be about another £20.
There's a silly amount of options for cranks these days. You won't go wrong with any after market cranks though really. Just shop around and see what you can get in a sale or something


8/16/2016 6:44 AM

Thanks for the replies, I have been looking on those sites, just some of the cheaper cranks had mixed reviews. I'll keep an eye for sales though thanks. Someone also recommended these, are they any good?


8/16/2016 1:34 PM

I'd steer clear of those. They aren't vintage, and the internal pinch bolt is a bad idea. Where abouts in the UK are you? Check Facebook for any bmx buy/sell pages near you


8/16/2016 2:05 PM

grumpySteve wrote:

I'd steer clear of those. They aren't vintage, and the internal pinch bolt is a bad idea. Where abouts in the UK are you? ...more

I'm near Edinburgh, I've just started looking on Gumtree and eBay but I'll keep eye on Facebook groups as well. The thing I've found is, once people get good cranks they tend to keep them or sell the bike as a whole. So its been difficult finding good cranks second hand, I'll keep looking and hopefully find something, thanks for the advice