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7/2/2017 12:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/2/2017 12:04 PM

Hey guys i am trying to learn how to lift the back wheel up in order to be able to learn how to bunny hop. I can lift the front just fine its just that when i try to lift the back up I either just pedal forward, the front wheel goes up, or nothing happens at all. I am practicing everyday just trying to lift the back wheel up I curl my toes and all that but it just does not go up and it is not because my bike is too heavy it is pretty light and I try to scoop. And one time I tried really hard I just ended up wheeling. Please help and Thanks


7/2/2017 2:45 PM


Im no expert on a BMX but i have one tip that may help!
Try twisting forward with your wrists slightly on the handle bars. Just stand above the bike and try to lift the rear wheel by twisting the handle bars forward... Add that to your scoop and it may help!
Practice Practice Practice!!!

All the best!


7/3/2017 1:11 AM

All you need to do is put your weight over the rear wheel and then move your body forward and push the bars forward as well.... then you should be able to get a your rear wheel up a little bit. After that it's just practice.


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7/4/2017 5:47 AM

Imagine your bike is like a pogo stick. Once the front wheel is in the air, just jump and the bike will come with you. A good way to learn is by doing an endo against a ledge or wall, then as your back wheel comes down pull up the front, then hop. Pull your back brake to prevent yourself from rolling fakie, keep your back brake pulled and pretend your bike is a pogo stick.

Once you get that dialled you can start really trying to get a higher hop by sucking the back wheel up (aiming to hit your ass on the back wheel) and pushing forward on your bars