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10/8/2011 7:04 PM

I want to learn bars so bad I can throw them with ease but when I catch my left foot goes up and just lands off please help lol


10/11/2011 6:45 PM

just gotto comit now. i was at your point and it probly took me 2 more weeks to keep my feet on. try clemoing your knees if you arent, and just mentally tell yourself to keep your damn feet on


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10/14/2011 5:24 AM

SEANimal757 told me this and it helped me alot but I still dont have them down but thats cause my wrists are messed up:

you need to keep your legs back.

if you do them right your front foot's leg is going to be locked straight pretty much, and try to touch your knees together.

with that being said your going to want to lean your whole body backwards.....nope!

you want your waist and up to be leaning over your bars to center your weight.

so you keep your leg locked and have the other leg bent in to touch your knees together there for holding the bike steady and keeping your knees out of the way.

then arch over your bars so you are looking down pretty much at them and spin them under you so your weight is evenly distributed


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