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1/6/2012 3:18 PM

how do I do a barspin


1/6/2012 3:20 PM

so what your gonna have to do is..................... spin your bars.

but before that, i suggest the search bar, this topic has been covered many many times. Not to mention i dont think that anything anybody says on here will help you in the least bit. Just spin your bars in a circle with one hand, catch with the other. Not all that hard, its just a mind game.


( if you need anything)
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1/6/2012 11:57 PM

I second what daniel said^^ but im bored as hell and cant get barspins out of my head.. since i just landed my first one last week. so im gonna waste my time and type out everything..laughing

i figured id mention my experience since i just recently learned barspins. I dedicated myself to the barspin for two days and landed my first one at the end of my second day. Also, make sure you are throwing the bars the correct direction-- if you ride left foot forward, then you should spin to the right and throw bars with your left hand/ catch with right hand.. opposite of that for if you ride right foot forward... hopefully your not sh*t footed so there wont be any confusion there. now heres the steps i followed..

1. focus on launch bars before hop bars. they are WAY easier.
2. I started by throwing a 180 spin with a barspin into the foampit.(Reason for this is that when you are spinning.. your body naturally leans back/stays over the bars... which makes it easier to throw bars without smacking your knees.)
3. after learning how to actually throw and catch barspins in the air using the 180 bars.. i started just throwing straight bars into the foam. after i caught about 3 of them. i took it to the resi.
4. throw barspins on the resi.. start with just focusing on throwing and catching and just land with both feet on the ground instead of pedals.
5. after you get the hang of that.. you need to just commit to the full trick and land on pedals.. this is where it gets least for me it did. i got lucky and landed the barspin one time before hitting my shins.. one time.... Then i tried doing them over and over.. and 6-7 times in a row.. my left (front) slid off the back of the pedal and my right foot landed right on the pedal.. which just means you destroy your left shin.

so... after only landing one clean barspin.. i could barely walk after hitting my shins so many times afterwards let alone ride a bike.. so i ordered FOX racing shinguards off of danscomp for 16.95 which go under your jeans.. and that will fix that problem.. it gives you a lot more confidence when trying to commit to tricks.

Oh and i almost forgot.. make sure when your learning to throw bars.... you keep pressure on your cranks with your feet pushing them towards your frame.. that will keep the bike from falling out under you.

hope this helps.... w00t


1/7/2012 3:22 AM

Thanks, really good explaination


1/7/2012 11:29 AM

I find that if you cut your bars down about half and inch to an inch either side helps a lot. Don't be scared to lean forwards! Put your seat as high as it'll go and you'll notice that your bike doesn't fall sideways as much. Then it's just pinch, ass back, lean forward, throw and catch.

I learned hop bars before fly-out bars and you don't need a resi. Man up, pad up and slam hard. I found it easier to hop bar than fly-out bar. Start by lifting your nose up and chucking a barspin. Ok, you aren't hopping or anything but it gives you an idea on the speed you'll need and builds your dexterity. If you're struggling to clamp onto your seat or squeeze in with your feet then turn your feet so they point in the way a little bit.


1/8/2012 3:09 PM

as Bailking said about raising your seatpost.. that works for some.. i tried it and all that resulted was i kept hitting my nuts when i didnt comit to my pedals.. i landed my first one with a slammed slim seat... most people dont really pinch their seat to barspin anymore.. just by pinching their cranks. but go ahead and try everything you can.. everyone rides differently.


1/9/2012 8:23 AM

I have been trying them yesterday on a mellow quatre pipe. I cant get them, I know they will eventually come but for next time im going to try to squeeze my cranks. I`ve been doing them with a 90 degree spin though...


1/9/2012 2:31 PM

When I learned them, I just kept hopping, sticking my ass out, and leaning forward until they came around and I caught them. I was in my bedroom, actually. Lol. You don't need a resi or a foam pit. Just get comfortable throwing them, and eventually you'll catch them.

Maybe I'm a bad example. I ride right foot forward, spin counter-clockwise, and throw my bars counter-clockwise.


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1/11/2012 10:43 PM

doesn't matter what foot is forward or what direction you spin your bars.....

eventually, you'll learn barspins in both directions. so why would it matter?


8/4/2016 10:28 AM

yo boys i've been doin bars for a week from now on i can do them first try, i catch em but i throw them late af and wanted to ask how to do them earlier if any1 got that trouble and how to get em cleaner


8/13/2016 1:30 AM

i mean id try to practice x ups thats half a bar spin. now when u x up let go with one hand and spin it around would be my guess. i havnt gotten that far yet but thatd be my guess on what to do. its all about basics.