Barspin with low slim seat?

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4/21/2017 4:20 PM

Hello fellow riders =).

I have a slight issue. So whenever I try to barspin I either bail totally or just lose the bike under myself. I've seen many other riders ride high fat seats which helps them since they clench their legs on the seat ensuring stability.
How to ensure stability if my knees don't have anything to grip on, since my seat is a low slim one?
Its like, I try to position my legs as close and tight on the frame as possible but there's just too much free space and it simply doesn't work out.

All advice is appreciated. Thanks.


4/22/2017 11:37 PM

Some people grip their cranks with their feet. But the main thing really is just confidence. If you hop high and throw your bars at the right time, your feet shouldn't come off the pedals


5/7/2017 9:08 AM

Raise your seat. Don't worry about what looks cool, or not. Ride what works. Slammed seats aren't cool anymore anyway.


5/7/2017 3:14 PM

"don't worry about what looks cool"
"slammed seats aren't cool anymore anyway"

Put your seat where you want it. No one really grips their seat anymore. That was a mid school thing.


6/12/2017 5:01 AM

When i was learning barspins i raised my seat but soon found that it was physically impossible for my knees to touch for whatever reason whilst doing a bar.

I have a MID size pivotal seat, raised by 3-4 inches or so. Also i'm right foot forward and angle my seat to the right a little bit as my leg rests against it whilst i'm slinging them in the air.

It's all trial and error and most importantly, confidence.

I always used to take my front foot off and bail, till on day i padded up, went down my local and just slung them and actually found that if you commit you are less likely to get hurt, trust me on this one ! Make sure you have the spin motion down too, as if you don't you'll have no confidence in throwing and catching. I first learnt them flyout, then a day later hop and it took me a week overall to start landing them but this is PURELY because barspins are favorite trick and i was dedicated as FUCK to learn them. I battered myself up to learn them, swollen knee, bruised hips and a dead ass but it's so worth it once you get the technique etc.

I figured i may as well bash myself up to learn them now then once it's done it's done, haha.

Good luck !