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1/17/2012 8:37 PM

Just got my bike in late November, been riding at my local park and riding street for the most part. Haven't had tons of time to ride do to work and such. I'm just wondering how fast and what tricks people usually learn as beginners. I have 180s dialed, working on my fakie (getting much better), can double peg and feeble grind boxes and benches (benches still sketchy), my bunny hops are alright, I can disaster the smallish bowl at my park and almost double peg stall, and can almost 360 out of the bowl (get like 300 never full rotation).

Just wondering what I should try to learn next, I have a desire to barspin but I have never even tried. I'm thinking its too soon. Am I progressing well or slow? I'm open to all opinions


1/17/2012 10:00 PM

progression dont really matter as long as your having fun... and your catchin on pretty good... id learn one handers with each hand... that opens up alot of tricks, learn footjam variations, and try smith grinds out... id wait a bit to work on barspins if i were you though


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1/18/2012 7:51 AM

with learning bar spins, I think most people are ready to at least 'try' they one they learn to T-Bog and before you try one I would recommend watching a lot of how-tos, closely.

And progression is different for everyone, like for example, I know someone who has been riding for like 7months and he still cant get close to 360's. and someone else who has been riding for about 3 moths and can, 360 tyre grab, and 180 T-bog and nac, can can, no-footer can can ect

tricks to learn:
Nac Nac
can can
no-footer can can
tyre/tire tap
tyre/tire grap
180 variations
the list is endless........w00t


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