Bent Sprocket | I don't know whats happening here

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7/14/2016 6:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2016 6:58 PM

So my bike has been riding great this past month and all of a sudden I started to hear an awful noise. I ;know it's not my chain stretching because I first tried top adjust the chain slack but that did not fix the problem. I went to look at the cranks and I noticed that the crank screw that goes through one of the holes on the sprocket was loose. If you look in the picture down below you can see the small hole that the screw goes into is bent. Also, you can see the center hole is totally messed up. I don't know what caused this, I always keep my bike in good shape. The only thing I see now that could be the problem is the screw that goes into the sprocket and attaches to the crank. It becomes very loose after about 10 minutes of biking and it won't stay tight. Do I need to get new cranks or just a new sprocket? Also what can I do to make this not happen again?


7/14/2016 11:06 PM

Get a new sprocket. Those holes being warped will cause tight/loose spots in your chain


7/25/2016 4:06 AM

yeah i recently faced the same issue, just a new sprocket should do the trick.