Bent dropouts

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8/2/2016 4:48 PM

A couple weeks back I noticed that I couldn't take my back wheel off so looked and saw that one of the dropouts was bent. Should I try and hammer it back into place? my local shop says to never do that because it will weaken the frame, and they told me I should just buy a new frame. I'm kinda broke but if I have to I can save to buy a new frame but I would rather just fix if I can. Anyone able to help me?


8/3/2016 1:27 AM

How badly bent is it? Steel is pretty tough, you might get away with bending it back with and adjustable clamped on it. It will weaken it a bit though


8/6/2016 9:47 AM

i would just bend it back and ride it. especially if you arent like a super hard rider. ive bent back dropouts that lasted forever afterwards.


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