Bigger Riders: Getting Back in The Game

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5/29/2013 8:51 AM

Hey bros im looking into getting back into riding. I've been out for about 3 years (im military and have been focusing on other shit). I rode for about 5 years before and miss my first love but i was about 2 inches shorter and 25 pounds lighter. I'm a 6'1" about 210 pound gym rat now haha. I need help sizing up a frame, bars, and cranks. I've got a feeling a 21.25 frame, with 185 cranks, and maybe some 8.25 bars. I know its all personal preference but i figured i may bounce some ideas off bigger riders like me. Thanks guys


5/29/2013 9:55 AM

185 Cranks will be hard to find, if I were you I'd just stick with 175s. And 8.25" Bars are small these days.


5/29/2013 1:26 PM

If I were you I would post this same thing in the general section, because it does really belong there and you will get more replies,

A 21.25 would be right, cranks you'd be fine with 175mm's, and bars anything will do that is really all preference but you would be fine with anything from 8-10inch rise lol


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