Bunny Hops?

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11/20/2013 5:43 AM

I do bunny hops correctly, i think
Pull up on the bars
throw weight forward
but i dont get very high ,maybe like 30 cm
any help?


11/20/2013 6:37 PM

keep practicing, thats it man
also, hop on/over things, it makes you pull up harder


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11/20/2013 6:46 PM

bmxsteve99 wrote:

keep practicing, thats it man
also, hop on/over things, it makes you pull up harder

This. Start small, like a baseball bat or something. Small boxes are good too, I've used old couch cushions. Basically stuff that if you case or don't clear you won't die, so it's not like hopping a rail lol


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11/21/2013 4:52 PM

this is where your going wrong, your pulling on the bars, your not going to get enough height really, the bike will go up as high as the handle bars come up, instead. compress, slightly, with your pedals level(horizontal) with your lead foot forward, traveling slightly faster than walking pace

now. throw your weight back, like you where attempting a manual. then, shoot up, while scooping your pedals, once you've got that down, try tucking the bike in, clip pedals make this allot easier. but its almost the same on platform pedals. when the bike is tucked, let it drop back to where it was when it's compressed, now, lean forward slightly and land, try landing on the rear at first, but when you get better, land on both at the same time, (it distributes the weight better between the wheels and damages them less)

What PSI are your tires at? It's easier to execute with high psi tires, if your at 40 the bike will feel like a dog. how much to you (normal riding gear) weigh, how much does the full bike weigh? if your having trouble with hops try taking additional weight off until you manage to pull them off, when you've mastered it, slap your stuff back on.

The first bike I pulled one off on was a mongoose mode 540, it was 24 pounds. and now that I've got the movement down, I can do about 1.5 feet, on a good day.


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