Bunny hop style/technique

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9/9/2016 8:14 AM

I can bunny hop correctly on flat ground but when i try to hop over something my tires almost come up at the same time and i land very front heavy and tips on how to correct this. I've been trying for more than a month now.


9/11/2016 7:58 AM

Lean back more


9/14/2016 1:10 AM

Practise jumping onto stuff, and if not comfortable riding onto stuff by putting your front wheel on and after that lifting your back wheel on. Do this a couple times and eventually start doign it faster until you bunnyhop on.

In my experience bunnyhopping onto stuff is way easier than over anything, so do this first and after that gradually work you way up by jumping over higher stuff each time, but start with the correct technique, also on low bunnyhops.


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9/14/2016 10:34 PM

Practice, practice, practice..


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