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TheSalTocco TheSalTocco
1/6/2014 4:47 PM

I can get on the rail every time and get my crank arm on it and do little grinds, but I seem to loop out kinda often. Help? I wanna save my nuts.

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WuTrailClan WuTrailClan
2/12/2014 8:21 PM

How do you loop out exactly, when i was learning them i could only get them for about 5 feet then id lean to far forward and jump over the bars. if that's your problem The trick is to kinda relax your foot and sag your crank a bit so that when it hits the rail the impact wont throw you off and the crank should slide in and lock on in between the pedal and bottom of the crank. if your problem is going over or falling forward try to not push as hard down and lean your wait over the back of you seat kinda like doing a pedal pick if your familiar with those. if your falling back try to keep your wait over the same part just simply tilt your foot forward or apply a bit of pressure straiten your arms a bit. Basically go at a good angle with the rail sag your crank just get on gently and you should lock input pressure if your going back ease up if your going forward and keep your wait over the back bike. There simple but come with practice.

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