Dropping in and coming out of a bowl or quarter

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6/24/2021 11:53 AM

So at 42 years old I'm back into riding a bmx bike. We now have a couple really nice concrete skate/bike parks local to me. I've been messing around at one that has a 3 leaf clover pool that is 10-12' at the deepest point. I've tossed my bike down in it and messed around but couldn't bring myself to drop in or try to pop out.

Today I went to the other local park that has a much larger pool with a ton of flat bottom, a capsule and a brand new "point" in the flat bottom. This one isn't near as deep at 6-10' depending on what part of the pool you're in. Once again I slid my bike down in and road around for a bit and was finally able to try and pop out but ended up pussing out and hoping off the bike 3/4 of the way up the wall and landing on my feet while holding onto one grip to keep the bike from sliding back in. I did this twice in about an hour long period.

There was a couple small features at the 2nd park but not near as much as the 1st. The second is built mostly around the pool and the 1st is more spread out with more grinding features with multiple ledges.

I'd really like to drop in on the 2nd park and I was close a couple times but couldn't bring myself to hop in. I have dropped into stuff 20 years ago but nothing like the depth of these pools. The hoping out is just going to take me a while but I know I'll get there. I'm off work right now so I've been going in the morning since the parks are empty before 9am.

Any suggestions or tips?


6/25/2021 9:02 AM

Welcome back! I would suggest dropping in off of any quarter pipes that may be at the park as well as practicing fly outs on to the deck. Once you get a feel for it off of something mellow then you can practice hoping in to the transition and then eventually into the bowls.


7/1/2021 10:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/1/2021 10:58 AM

We have zero quarters anywhere close. There are some decent spots at one skate park but the part that would be considered the "deck" is only about 6-12" wide. Not sure I trust myself landing on that.

If lumber wasn't so crazy I'd build my own!

This is the section I want to learn to drop in and come out of.


7/1/2021 11:01 AM

And this is the other. You can see the very deep bowl in some of the shots and at the opposite end of the park is the narrow ledge quarters.


7/1/2021 2:21 PM

Easiest way is to start out on the smallest quaters/ramps and just increase in size as you become more confident/comfortable.


7/1/2021 2:29 PM

There’s a ton of YouTube videos too with step by step instructions. They’re all very helpful. Good Ol fashioned trial and error always works too.


7/6/2021 3:33 PM

I also fear dropping in on my local bowl. Have done it on the little quarter but that cement blow is scary I keep thinking that one of these days it’s going to look less intimidating obviously as I get better at riding


7/24/2021 9:19 AM

It's called getting older brotha! I'm 46 myself and started riding again last year after a 30 year break. I was scared shit less at the smallest tricks. Took me a while to feel comfortable again and to start "feeling it" again. I wouldn't have thought twice sending it at 15. We're not as ballsy and care free as we once were. So, don't feel bad. It's not just you.


8/16/2021 10:14 PM

Vic707b wrote:

It's called getting older brotha! I'm 46 myself and started riding again last year after a 30 year break. I was scared shit ...more

40 here and started riding again a year and a half ago after not riding since 2000. It took some building up to the small things for 6 months or so.. but I got a helmet and some 12 dollar shin pads and told my reason to stfu one day and hit a fly out full send.. not long after I'm dropping in and flying out and sending it on quarter flyouts and clearing gaps. Can now put my ass end over the 10' vertical wall and 180 back into it.. first time I almost ate it.. so I did it again. I watched a lot of videos, but in the end it just took envisioning doing it, and then DOING it.. you just gotta be ready and willing to eat it