Eclat Teck Cassette hub help

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2/9/2012 4:02 AM

I'm trying to take my hub apart all the way down to the bare shell to spray it, although i cant manage to get the axle and cone out of the shell.


The black curved cone on the left of the picture and the axle wont come out. I don't think its threaded, and I tried knocking it out with a mallet, but nothing.

Should it just slide out? Do I need a special tool?

Taken apart, the hub looks like this


Any help is appreciated.


2/9/2012 8:10 AM

Hi thomas,

I painted my teck hub last week and the disassemble is pretty easy, so I help you out. (:
The non-driveside cone nut isn't t threaded. But there is a thight rubber ring cover on the bearing and the cone nut has contact with it. You should use a thin screwdriver covered in a towel and than just lever it on different spots in the gap up.
But the cone nut it self has a thick rubber ring in it. I just poped it off with my fingers, but get it done with the screwdriver for sure.

I just covered the cone nut/driver with electrical tape - no disassembling. (: would be the easiest way. xDD

Cheers Stefan


2/10/2012 1:21 AM

I found a blade of some kind off a scraper or something, wedged it under and tried to lever it off but the blade just snapped.
its too small of a gap to fit a screwdriver in. Seems to be stuck on real good. Any other tips?


2/10/2012 7:53 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/10/2012 7:55 AM

Well, sounds kind of weird. Can't even imagen that your cone nut is just that tight on your axle.
Use a tiny slote screwdriver lever it off. Another option would be to clamp the cone nut in a vise and hammer it with a rubber mallet carefully out.
That must be work, make sure that only the cone nut is clamped in the vise and not a hub part like the flange..
Can you upload a picture of your hub.