Fit Inman 1 2012 crank spindle.

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5/1/2016 12:57 PM

I had a problem with my crank spindle, what happened was one of the bolt holding it in place broke and left the bottom of the bolt stuck in the spindle and I cannot remove it. I don't know much about bikes but what I think I need is a new spindle which is 170mm long and with 48 splines, only ones I can find are with cranks and I am not willing to pay so much more just for cranks that I don't really need as the only thing I need is new spindle. Any help where to find them or maybe someone could tell me what exactly I need because as I said I'm not too familiar with bike. My bike is Fit Inman 1 2012.

Thanks in advance.


5/2/2016 7:53 AM

Axles are out there, quite a few companies make replacements. Google 48 spline crank axle and they'll pop up. The length doesn't have to be exact depending on how many spacers you currently run and whether there's enough room to lose a few without compromising your chain line. The only spacers you usually need are the tube spacer in the middle, and the non drive side cone, all the others are just to space it out/adjust chain line


5/2/2016 2:40 PM

Cheers mate. I'll see what I can find and hopefully it's gonna be fixed soon!