Flip whip Help?

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3/5/2014 8:25 PM

Anyone got any advise on catching the whip or when to whip and catch them,i have trouble spotting the pedals when they come around I start the whip just before i go upside down and get the bike back to my side right after i come around from being upside down but i cant get back over the frame because i get lost in the air and cant spot my pedals. Is this the proper timeing to start and catch the whip part? Advise for spotting and catching the pedals i think i get lost once im about 75% into the rotation of the flip because im spotting my landing should i catch sooner or something? Help?


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3/6/2014 1:00 PM

Sorry, but there arent much park riders here, even les that can flip whip.




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3/9/2014 12:20 PM

Who the fuck asks

"How to Flip whip"

Like any of us Vital users can do that


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3/9/2014 12:37 PM

I can't do it, but based on what I see in videos, they kick it before getting upside-down (usually at about 90 degrees) and most of the time they catch it right when they are upside-down or shortly thereafter (before 270 degrees or a straight nose dive position).

I have seen riders kick and catch the whip before being fully upside-down.


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3/24/2014 9:40 PM

It takes time. I can nether flip or whip a bike, but i can do back flip etc. Compare it to a trampoline. When your do front flips or back flips you move fast and MOST people cant focus or realize whats in front of them. You have to get back flips solid, like you don't put any effort into it. Just like doing a 180 you ( talking about yourself) probably put no effort into 180 if you can back flip whip. So once you have backflip very well. Go to a foam pit, go very high and do your backflip SLOW so you can only pay attention to your whip. Also if your leaning your head back and throwing the whip and trying to catch without looking thats bad don't do it. hope i helped.


12/18/2015 1:23 PM

By now I'm pretty sure you can land them but if not I can give you some tips.

Practice backflips while looking at your top tube through the full rotation (visualize the tailwhip while you're flipping)

Try to catch when you're about 60% done. You'll feel the pedal you ride forward hit your foot then you can just put the back foot on.