Flyout Barspin

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11/5/2017 7:42 AM

I finally landed a flyout barspin yesterday! Really don't see too many threads about this so I'm starting a new one. I've had pull up bars down for several years and have been attempting hop and flyout for even longer. I've read a bunch of advice all over the interwebs and watched a lot of youtube how-to's along the way. I thought my problem was that I took my feet off when landing but that was only part of it. Hand placement is what did it for me, resi might have helped some too. Get some decent speed, at the peak of your air, remove catching hand and pull towards where you're going to catch, just in front of your hip, as you're moving your catching hand, throw them bars, catch em and land. Maybe focusing on doing this I just forgot to jump off my pedals, I don't know but I hope this helps someone else land em.