Footjam whip help.

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1/24/2015 7:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/24/2015 7:33 PM

Ok I'll start out by saying I ride right foot forward so I bring my right foot over the frame into the foot jam and kick the bike with my left foot. The problem isn't getting into the foot jam or not getting the full rotation. The problem is my left foot always lands on my seat. I can't get it on the peddle. When I do get it on the peddle it's like the bike keeps spinning and the frame knocks my right foot off the tire and I lose my balance and fall. When the bike is spinning and I'm trying to get my foot on the peddle should I lean back a little to set the back tire down so the bike stops spinning once I get my foot on the peddle? Help please.


1/25/2015 9:33 PM

If you can consistently land you front foot on the pedal first (which is how you really land whip tricks), then all you really need is practice to get your back foot on. And if you land both feet and the bike over-rotates, you might wanna start practicing hopping back onto your back if you're doing them on a bank or something. Doing them flat, you just gotta find the right spot to start landing so your bike lands and stops almost completely straight.


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1/26/2015 7:26 PM

Well today I went riding and I pretty much have them dialed in now. I can get them 4 out of 5 tries so I'll take that. I just started hopping from the front tire to the back like I was trying to land in a manual. I figured out what my problem was tho. I was trying to place my back foot on the peddle while my front foot was still on the tire. I figured out to hop into them and it was on after that. Lol. Thanks for your help.


9/8/2015 9:13 PM

push harder with your left foot


11/15/2016 3:39 PM

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12/12/2016 12:23 PM

I imagine it like doing a no footer and then clamping back onto the pedals or cranks. So aim for the front food and then clamp the back foot on.



12/28/2016 3:42 PM

Once the bike gets to that point just make a leap of faith. You wanna catch the inside pedal first anyway so when you go to do flyout or hop whips you already have the fundamentals down. You could even catch both pedals at the same time if its more comfortable. Spin the bike counter clockwise If you're right foot forward, your right pedal is most important because it will hold your weight. The other pedal will just spin backwards and bust your shin. So hop over. Spin counter clockwise, spot your right pedal and once its close just hop on. I lean back but thats only because if i don't my bike hits the ground half rotation.