Front foot keeps flying off just past halfway through my 360s. I get off axis and leaned to the opposite side I'm spinning to. Frustrated to the point of quitting! PLEASE HELP!?!?!

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8/28/2018 5:46 AM

I bunnyhop toptube high when I get a good pop. I can 180 around a foot high no problem. I can fakie but I cannot roll out too good so I decided to try to send threes as I learn roll outs so I have them dialed by winter. Been sending these for 5 of 6 days now. At Least 300 attempts, but I cannot fix my screw ups. I've read pretty much every link on google trying to get new and or different tips.
Such as lean into the spin so you don't end up all weebly woobly sideways like I do. Drop the shoulder. Turn head/spot landing, pre-carve, etc.
At first I was sending them way too hard. I trained in the gym for a few years before I began riding and I think that my "pull hard" compared to some might be hella turned up. I was definitely carving too much and not pre-carving at all. Fixed that, and I was sure I would be able to at least 3 tap after 5 friggin' days but I land all off axis. My foot drops because I'm falling toward it. This, I can clearly see. Question is, how I fix it?
I can send a nice lofty 180 no problem, but when I try to 3, or 3 tap I get all sideways.
Summer is already over here in Sweden and I can see that my days of riding like I'm used to are coming to an end soon.
I so need these threes before the winter shutdown. Not at least being able to 3 tap before then might drive me mad. ermm blink
Please look at this clip? I did regular speed as well as slow motion.
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8/28/2018 6:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/28/2018 6:25 AM

Go slower, you don't need that much speed for 360 tap.

You should not think about 360 tap like you think about 360s. Instead, think that a 360 tap is like a 180.
Carve a little to the left before carving to the right. Then do a normal 180, without oversending it. The only difference is that you need to land on your backwheel, keep pushing your front foot on the pedal, and keep your head turned.

I'm sure you're getting all off axis because you're sending everything too hard. a 360 tap takes no more effort than a 180.

I would also recommend working on getting out of fakies after a 180. This will boost your confidence and will make the last 180 tap of the 360 tap a piece of cake.


8/29/2018 12:38 AM

Still not hopping properly, front wheel up first, then hop the back wheel up. And you're leaning into the carve too much, which is why you're off axis.


8/29/2018 6:31 AM

I appreciate the replies mates. It's strange, since I started trying to send threes, my 180s are screwed up. I over send, pull too hard sideways (and thus not up enough), and now I carve.
Looks like what I really need to do is dial my 180s with fakie rollouts, and or half cabs before I start trying to three. Once I can 180 anywhere and get out of it every time, I'll have gained that much more bike control and confidence.
It's just hard when you're in your mid 40's trying to learn all by yourself with no one to ride with. At some point, progression is the motivator. Doing the same tricks everyday even (if you're getting better and better at them) with no one to vibe with is a bit uninspiring. Being able to three, and or 180 with fakies dialed will open up a whole new world for me.
Classic type A overachiever mentality. Trying to walk before I crawl.
I'll dial it down. My poor body will appreciate it. Not being able to open or close my hands, squeeze a toothpaste tube, or pick up my son because I'm destroying my hands, wrists, and forearms trying to land threes before I have the skill to do so is a lose lose scenario.
It's affecting my riding negatively, and causing me to not be motivated.
Being goal oriented is a good thing, but not if you go overboard.
Ok, dialed ones with fakie before the snow and hopefully threes by the spring time.


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8/29/2018 11:37 PM

Amir Alexander wrote:

I appreciate the replies mates. It's strange, since I started trying to send threes, my 180s are screwed up. I over send, pull ...more

To motivate you: I spent weeks before landing my 180s and fakies consistently. Once I was at that point, landing my first 360 tap took me about an hour, and a few hours to get them constistently. 180s were way harder to learn.


11/5/2018 11:42 PM

move your weight back a bit, you're leaning into the carve too much as it was mentioned.

Also, i dunno if it'll help you but when I was learning 3 taps the thing that finally got me to understand them was basically go straight then carve out like 90 and then throw like anywhere more than 200 so your bike lands in a way you can ride away from. Then I just slowly got rid of the beginning 90 carve and pulled a little harder and they were looking clean.