Gearing for 165mm cranks

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11/11/2017 8:54 AM

What gearing is best when running 165 cranks? 25/9? 28/9?

Looks like most people run 28/9?

I ride street and mainly do tech stuff.


11/15/2017 6:54 AM

Personal preference. I'd use 28 9 personally. 25 9 will feel like you're not going anywhere


11/15/2017 4:35 PM

That's what I was thinking. Thanks man.


12/4/2017 11:33 AM

Ive never tried it but 28/9 has to be hard to crank with 165s. 25/9 with 165 (ive tried) feels like 28/9 with 175s.

Id def be on 25/9 with 165s


3/20/2018 6:05 PM

Haven't noticed much difference with 175 to 165 but I definitely prefer the 165. Maybe there's something that it does that makes it feel better. Also when you have 165 cranks you stand a little higher/straighter as I noticed when I tried pinching my seat for barspins.

I currently use 28/9 and can still do everything I could do on my old 25/9.

Changed from 25 to 28 and I can't go back to 25. Just feels like there's not enough speed and feels like a kiddy bike lol. Having 28 just seems better in everyway. Sometimes I feel like going higher but 28 will do fine. 25 is better for a really small run ups but definitely prefer the 28.