HELP AN "OLD GIT" trying to 360???

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8/25/2021 12:57 PM

First off, I'm 40 and just got a BMX 8 weeks ago (haven't ridding in 25years!). I can 180 on the flat, bunnyhop 50cm, fakie of sorts, etc.
I'm having a nightmare with 360s off a quarter pipe, I can 180 no problems. The issues which I'm having -
A) When I rotate, between 180 and 270 I nose dive and fit the front wheel into the ground.
cool If I'm loose with my legs, at 180 to 270degree I loose my footing.

I've worked out that if I clinch my knees together, I don't loose my footing on the pedals as much.

Just to add a little background, 3 weeks into riding, I found a concrete skatepark with a 5 or 6" quarter pipe, After 3 tries, I was able to 360. Did 4 in a row, then I started to do nose dives, with on of which I slipped, hit the coping and broke my rib.

After 3 weeks resting, I found another quarter pipe/table top at a pump track and since the accident, I have never been able to do them again.

Last point, I'm aware that practice is the key and one thing I need to work on is turning my head. I have realised that if I go slow, turn my head after the front wheel become airborne and my legs and clinched together, I'm sort of getting there with a pinch of salt.

Any advise, (which doesn't involve watching youtube or "practise") would be welcome.


8/27/2021 12:16 AM

Well, you've already done them, so you can do them. My advice would be to not overthink it or try too hard. Count yourself lucky you don't have the "dropping the back wheel at 270" mental block as that's hard to get over