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7/2/2014 3:12 PM

OK , first , I can 180 flat , flyout , on and off things almost 100% of the time. With a coaster , I've been trying half cabs off things and on flat surfaces I get them all the time.

With curbs , there is a mental factor of doing a 180 going BACKWARDS off something....like I was spooked to even cab off a curb. It's the "drop" the makes it spooky. I can get some lines going on , but I've been trying to 180 onto a ledge height circle/boobie thing at the park , maybe 2 bike lengths long. I can NOT muster up the balls to cab off it , simply from the fact it's off something and I'm basically timing the hop mentally as I don't look. I managed to get a whimpy half-assed - half cab (haha) but myback tire cased and I almost supermaned my ballsack into my tire-frame. It's higher than a curb but not much , so why is it I'm a pussy haha. It's shitty !

I don't really carve into my halfcabs , I just kinda 180 back to normal. Should I carve into them? When I do , I get noticeably higher from a better hop , but I get unbalanced in air and often put my foot down.

Is it just because the drop factor is why i'm being a bitch? I do NOT want to go cab right when my tire drops and get thrown off my bike like a horse , or go to cab but case and land all fucked up. Carve into it or not?


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7/8/2014 4:10 PM

Do it slower. Sometimes speed causes problems like that.

Do it slow enough to barely clear the ledge. Also try just a fakie hop off it.


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