Hard landing 180s

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7/29/2013 1:28 PM

So I couldn't do 180s for a long while so now Im landing them but I land really hard and sometimes I'll take my foot off. Any tips?


7/29/2013 1:31 PM

when you land compress more to absorb the impact



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7/29/2013 4:33 PM

scoop up earlier


7/29/2013 11:25 PM

What do you mean by landing "hard"? When I land "hard", I sometimes over rotate my rear more than my front and my wheel will land and make the hollow metal rim sound. When you hear that sound, it usually means that you're riding somewhat sketchy or your bike is actually sketchy.


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7/30/2013 1:29 PM

My bikes dialed, I just did my first 180 two days ago..