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9/30/2015 5:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/30/2015 5:41 PM

I need some helpful advice on how to 180. When i try to do it i lose balance


10/1/2015 6:01 PM

Carve into the 180, also throw your shoulders in the spinning direction


10/15/2015 9:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/15/2015 12:37 PM

I am just starting to practice the 180 and one of the most common pieces of advice I've heard is "turn your head." As you pop the front from your slight carve, immediately turn your head in the direction you want to spin. It makes your body and bike want to follow. Spins require 100% commitment because under or over rotating will most likely throw you off the bike.

I've gotten the impression that for 360's and beyond, carving and a little front hop will no longer be adequate. You have to coil your body like a spring and explode all of a sudden in the direction of your spin. You can feel the effects of this just by jumping and spinning without a bike. Crazier spins require a LOT of physical strength. It's your leg and core muscles that do most of the work.

Watch a rider named Stevie Churchill. There was a street event that he rode in Barcelona (YouTube -

) where he tried (and damn near landed) a flat 720 to flat. The commentators were talking about how his above average strength allowed to him to try spins that other riders simply couldn't. I thought it was some valuable insight. Good luck to both of us man! Haha.