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10/16/2016 5:04 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/16/2016 5:06 AM

Hey can you guys help me with my bunny hop. I ride now around a month. I can bunny hop but I always land hard on my front tire and it hurts my wrists and my tire.

And I want to learn how to bunny hop properly. Everyone says that you should land on your back tire or both at the same time and I don't get how to do that so I would been thankful if you could give me some tips or say how to do it.

Sorry for the long text am just kinda frustradet.

Help plisssss.


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10/16/2016 5:20 AM

I think that you don't shift your weight properly. You most likely pull up your bars with your weight kind of over your bars and then scoop up to hard.

Try to shift your weight back more while pulling up.


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10/16/2016 5:59 AM



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