Help with the hop for barspin

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8/14/2016 4:48 AM

I have problem with hopping with my legs straight. I've tried some x-ups but my bars are hitting my legs. I'm really frustrated with barspins they mess my Head up. I used to be able to do Manual Barspins but now I can't do them either.


8/15/2016 12:06 PM

X ups and bars are different, when you x up you pull the front end toward you while you're in the air and push your legs straight (so the back of the bike drops, while all your/your bikes weight are still pretty central). But with bars it's more about keeping your bike quite level. You still need to get your legs pretty straight, but instead of pulling your bars toward you (which you can't, because you're not holding them as they spin) you need to kind of stick your ass out and lean the top half of your body over the bars. Watch some videos and look at how they position their body while doing it, stevie Churchill is a good example, he sticks his ass out all the time