How-To: "Oil Slick" Steel Parts?

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9/20/2014 8:09 PM

I know some (most?) may think this new fad is cheesy or whatever, and I imagine i'd get tired of part(s) w/ oil slick after some time.
That said, I dig it right now, not only as a style on bike parts, but as a steel-finish in general.

Does anyone know how companies are manufacturing this, and/or ways to do it 'DIY' ?

I've found a bunch of 'leads' but nothing solid, i mean i cannot even peg down the specific name for the treatment. I've found titanium coated stuff w/ this effect ('aurora plating', 'neo plating', 'nickel PVD (physical vapor desposition)', 'oil finishing', etc etc etc)

I've yet to even verify whether the(bmx) companies are doing it the same way or not.. I've seen the effect referred to as andonization in some places, but clearly this isn't andonizing w/ paint. One place (not bmx-related) has explained it as an effect gained w/ heat-treating steel that has oil residue on it (and explains that this type of finish doesn't last nearly as long as paint- i'm unsure if the same applies to the 'oil slick' bmx parts currently in-vogue)

any thoughts / tips are greatly appreciated. I love working on stuff (bmx's included wink ) and would love to have this type of finishing skill in my repertoire, but i've googled my ass off and have found nothing (and, more impatiently, i'd love to have a part or two on my bike w/ this effect, and am certainly not interested in paying double for a part just for this type of finish, yknow?)

Thnx in advance for any/all input anyone can give smile


9/21/2014 1:53 PM

its a very very very expensive chemical process that requires the kind of equipment that you would not find very easily

the product designer for gsport was quoted saying "It's Plasma Vapour Deposition. They stick the part in a revolving carousel type thing and it gets blasted with vapourised metal that condenses onto the part. It is very very expensive to run a batch so you really need to pack out the machine with parts. Something like stems you can rack quite a few in there so the cost isnt too crazy, but it is still much higher than normal anodising etc. Doing a frame or fork or bars is likely to be very expensive (like doubling the price of the part) so we may well never see production of these parts with it.

hope that helps


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9/21/2014 2:27 PM

thanks that's all the help i needed..
Looks like this isn't remotely in the DIY arena lol