How-To: add pleg&hubguard to United Supreme bike (not enough axle!!)

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7/10/2014 3:38 PM

okay, i have a couple other threads on specific pegs, and one on hub guards, for this bike; i also have an email to United; I'm still at a loss, and would like to ride b4 hearing back from United and/or buying moar parts....

I have a United brand 'Supreme' (2012 model) complete bike (it's the flat black Su2 model for the 2012yrs, is very nice but 1st&only complaint is these f'ing axles... they're NOT single-piece axles, and they're not long enough for proper wit:

My Su2 ('supreme' edition United 2012 complete, the flat black w/ blue model) seemed like a great bike in all regards. Only thing i ever found i proper and never reconciled were the axles.... the front is ~10mm (no problems/cares there) but the rear, the "14mm" axle, doesn't seem to live-up to that title.

The rear has 14mm female pieces, that fit over a smaller, male hub-axle. This blew my&my lbm's mind when we took it apart, but apprently there's this 3-piece axle (pics upon request, if any doubt) for the rear hub, and this is causing some problems for me now ;(

I want to put on a peg&hub guard... I bought some pegs (full-plastic "black ops" brand pegs), and a Primo plastic hub guard (dsg) SOOOooo, i got peg on ok, but if i try to put that hubguard on first, the axle isn't long-enough for the peg sad It seems i need to choose (obviously a useless choice, as peg w/o a hubguard is death sentence for me), and I guess I'd just rather build properly, so/ie "what kind of axle can i put into this thing?" Please don't tell me that my entire rear hub will not accomodate hubguard&peg, cuz that'd just be hard to believe... I'd prefer to buy things that work on my bike, but if i need a new axle i'll grab one... really, *really* hope nobody tells me i need to buy an entire new hub/axle... i guess i have enough faith in cinema/united that their stock products on this type of bike could accomodate a peg&hub guard :\