How to Hop 180

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8/16/2017 10:02 PM

I have had some time on my BMX this year and have been loving it though I can't seem to get the back around to hop 180. The bike is a little big for my being a 21 in TT with me only being a 4'11 kid. I can hop decently high-around a foot, but when I add a turning rotation the back won't come up and I just manual around 90 degrees.


9/11/2017 7:15 AM

I'm 5'10" and I don't even ride 21. Get a smaller bike so you have more control


9/13/2017 7:42 AM

You're not hopping properly by the sound of it. You need to carve as little as possible (if you carve too much you'll end up landing with the bike leant over), most of the rotation comes from turning your body. Start to twist your body as you hop, suck up the back end, and you should be about 90 when at the highest point of the hop


10/12/2017 7:13 AM

180s took me forever to learn and seemed like an impossible trick when i was learning them. its about muscle memory though and after enough practice your body will learn what needs to happen to make it right and itll all make sense. most tricks are that way.. just keep trying them and your brain will figure it out with time.
for me, when i keep missing one, it's usually cuz I'm trying to move my back wheel before it's left the ground which creates a lot of drag. pull the front wheel high while starting to turn your head, this will make the bike start carving. feel where your backwheel is and don't pop it until you feel it's about to leave the ground. if you wait for that, itll take away any drag and the back wheel should come around a lot smoother and you'll land centered. good luck.. also, just keep trying.. it'll come with practice.