How to make tailwhips on big jumps when you learned them street-like ?

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7/25/2013 1:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/25/2013 1:22 PM


I'm kinda frustrated with the way I do tailwhips and so I thought I would share my problem to see if you guys could give me some advices.

So I learned them 3 years ago on a small flyout jump, street-like. When I mean street like, I mean the bike lands first underneath me and then my feets lands on the pedals at the same time. Kinda similar to nigel's and dehart's whips (I'm not saying I have whips as clean as they do, but still, they're pretty similar in the way I land them)

I can do hop whips, whips in&out of banks, whips on small quarters etc... The thing is, when I take them to bigger jumps, it is so hard for me to land them. The higger I go, the slower I have to do my tailwhip because the bike always needs to land first if I want to land them and it's sooooo random and dangerous. I rolled 4 times my ankle doing that and I stopped counting how many times I did those superman whips where the frame didn't spin at all and I just couldn't let go the bars to spare me a bad crash...

Anyway, I've been trying a lot lately to re-learn them and catch whips in air but I can't help it, I just can't do it. My front foot goes easily on the crank but the frame kicks me and my back foot is landing on the ground, way too far from the back pedal. It's like my back foot is "born" to land with the front one at the same time, and I just can't keep my leg bent and put my back foot after my front foot catch the bike... Recently I've been focusing on catching my front pedal very early, like putting my front foot a lot to my left side when the frame comes around and to straighten my leg so the frame is stopped underneath me but it doesn't work much and doesn't help at all with my back foot having to land at the same time with my front foot sad

I've been trying for months but I can't see any solutions. Any ideas ?
Thanks, peace !