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6/7/2013 11:42 AM

Just wanted a couple opinions before I submit my order to Dans...

I have a 2013 WTP Trust, and I was gonna order a few things to install all at once. I was just wondering if I have everything accounted for, and also, want to make sure everything would fit.

First up.... Hub guards. Thinking I will go with these:
Hub Guard
Hub Guard 2
Front Hub Guard

Anyone know if these will all fit?

Next up, I'd like to run a gyro. The bike comes with a stock linear... but I think if I add a few things, I could run a gyro with dual cables to the rear. This is my list so far: (Two of these)

Am I missing anything?? I think I might need a cable hanger, or another plate for the detangler?

Also, I was thinking I would add these to the list, if I happen to come up with some extra cash:

How does this order look? Anyone see anything that might conflict with my bike? Or, are there any better options on some of the stuff I've picked out for around the same price?

Thanks for the help!!