I need a good 180 step by step

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6/6/2017 7:59 AM

I can bunnyhop well, but when I 180 I barely get off the ground. Also I'm having trouble staying on the bike when I land because I either fall out or in. Help?


6/27/2017 6:54 PM

TyBmx wrote:

I can bunnyhop well, but when I 180 I barely get off the ground. Also I'm having trouble staying on the bike when I land ...more

You should rotate 90 degrees before u actually get off the ground, as soon as you reach that 90 degree point, then hop off your rear tire and look behind you. As you start to get better, you will be able to hop with a little less carve but i find 90 degrees is a good starting point. As for staying on the bike, get reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyy good at fakies off a quarter or a wall.


6/28/2017 12:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/28/2017 12:06 PM

Don't listen to that ^
Everyone makes the mistake of carving too much when they learn 180's. You should hardly carve at all. Carving is the reason people land leaning over and not being able to keep balance while trying to fakie. Learning fakies is a good idea though. You can't 180 if you can't fakie.

Ride in a straight line, compress as if you're about to do a straight hop. As you start to bring your weight upwards for the hop start turning your body in the direction of the 180. Turn ever so slightly into the direction of the 180 just before you lift your front wheel. Pull up and continue to turn, then hop and swing your hips as you bring the back wheel up. You should be at just over 90 degrees when you're at your highest point. Gravity/momentum will do the rest. As you come down put your body weight central to the bike. Land, compress, and start to pedal backwards, slowly. It often helps to land with your bars slightly turned the opposite way you turn into the 180 (if you 180 to the left, land with your bars turned slightly to the right). That will help you complete the 180 if you've landed slightly under. Put your body weight slightly over the back wheel as you fakie. Keep your bars turned that little bit and that will help you turn out of the fakie. You'll probably have a foot that you'll prefer having forward as you turn, you'll work that out. Try to roll back at least one full crank, keeping your bars turned that little bit and starting to turn back round to being forward. Once you've turned about 90 degrees you can use pedal pressure to finish the rotation. By now you should be facing forwards again. Roll away, high five your buddies, get the girls.
Once your more confident with 180's and fakies you can start to land with your bars straight so you can fakie longer, then turn your bars to help turn back around