Keeping My Bike Level

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10/4/2016 10:28 AM

I'm just learning 360's flat and I have everything, my head stays turned and I can rotate but when I land I land at an awkward angle almost as if my tires are gripping too early. I feel this may be due to me not spotting the landing and I've tried but it all happens too fast.
I can't tuck my bike either
any advice you can give would be wonderful!


10/4/2016 11:02 AM

Post a video for more accurate feedback.

Sounds like you need to hop a little higher and/or spin a little faster. Practice practice practice.


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10/7/2016 7:54 AM

Sounds to me like you're carving too much, so although you believe you're landing at 360, you're actually under rotating in relation to the point you actually leave the ground


10/29/2016 12:54 PM

If you mean bunny hop 3s, I try to do mine more like a huck and just spin as hard as possible with my upper body almost before I've even brought my front wheel off the ground. I also turn the bars super quickly in the direction I want to spin, very suddenly right before I lift the front tire. This kind of pulls the bike and your legs with your upper body's power. But you can't cheat by angling the bike lopsided. Pretend like you are stuck upright and can't lean side to side. Depending on how old you are/your strength level, this approach may be harder to do. You just have to keep experimenting with new approaches until it starts to get closer and closer to working. smile