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Chander Allen Chander Allen
5/21/2015 2:21 PM

Ok, so Ive tried a lot of things to get this bolt off but my whole axle keeps spining. Ive tried tighting the other bolt REALLY tight and using a rinch to hold it in place and i try to unscrew the bolt connected to my peg but it just loosens the other bolt. Ive tried using lube to loosin it but nothing. Ive jammed a screw driver in the axle and hammered it in and tried to loosin the bolt but it almost broke the screwdriver. PLEASE HELP ME.. Thank you.

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
5/21/2015 2:49 PM

Are you using correct sizes for sockets? Sounds like it is stripped to me. Best thing would be trying to tighten the other side down, THEN if you can get something on the axle lock nuts for extra leverage, loosen the stuck side.

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Chander Allen Chander Allen
5/21/2015 3:02 PM
dave lawrence wrote:

Are you using correct ...more

Yes it is the right size socket. No it is not striped. Ive tried that also. I used all my might to tighten the non peg side and tried loosinkng the peg side but it just loosens the non peg side.

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Tom_Cotton Tom_Cotton
6/5/2015 5:32 PM

Does your axle have an Allen key hole in the end that you can use to hold pressure whilst you wrench? If not, take another axle bolt and install it on the opposing side with the original axle bolt. With the original axle bolt tight to the frame, install the other axle bolt, lock it out against the original so that it can no longer loosen when you're turning the opposing one. Then don't over tighten your bolts!

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