My first BMX

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7/22/2017 8:21 AM

Hi guys, I need some help. Yesterday I bought my first BMX and I m really enjoying. But my BMX is an old one and I want to build my own BMX from scratch, I want to buy all the parts separately and build the bike myself, part by part. Can you tell me all the parts and pieces that I new to buy? I have the money but I'm new to the BMX world and I don't know all the parts and pieces that I need, can you make a list of all parts and pieces that a need? Thanks in advance for your help.


7/22/2017 11:45 PM

Don't build a custom until you know what to get, as in what brands are worth buying from and supporting. A half decent custom will cost at least 1000, and the resale value is terrible. So if you decide you don't like riding, you'll be out of pocket when you try to sell it.

Just upgrade parts on your bike as you need them