My problem with 180

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9/8/2014 9:53 PM

Ok so yeah im trying to do a 180 fakie. yes i know how to fakie i know how to hop i lean to the side i rise the front wheel first i look at my landing zone and i do jump over 90. But i dont know what im missing every time i land i just keep going forwar where my front wheel is pointing i doesnt matter if i hop and do 180 i will go forward not backwards so im not able to fakie out. You know what i mean? i rotate but i go straight. I not even fall in or out i land "perfectly" what am i missing?


9/9/2014 11:26 AM

I have the exact same problem
people just told me to go faster so I guess thats the trick with 180s
I'll try when I have some time to ride
good luck


9/9/2014 11:28 AM

and by the way make sure when you land you lean back and not forward. that makes it easier to get into the fakie


9/10/2014 5:17 PM

turn head more and pull with shoulder in the direction youre going its a lil bit easier going faster but probably gonna be scary at first


9/10/2014 7:05 PM

Most things come with lots of practice, may take a month or two.


I ride to stay on two wheels and have fun!

9/17/2014 10:25 AM

I say gain more speed before you rotate into it. Keep your head and shoulders rotated, like another member said on here, "eat your shoulder" - tomdon... good advise to follow


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