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4/20/2015 7:07 PM

I just started riding bmx and what i can do is only bunnyhop and it is not that high.
What tricks are important and should be learnt first time.
I'm thinking to learn fake or 180 first?


4/22/2015 7:03 AM

learn fakies first. its crucial to 180s, and makes them look so much cleaner. ive been riding for years and i regret not learning proper fakies lol.


4/28/2015 7:50 AM

^^^ learn fakies first or u will fall or come to a complete stop when u land a 180. It wouldn't hurt to practice manuals when going from point a to point b. Learning to get to ur balance point in a manual will give u the bike control u will need for other tricks


5/5/2015 9:23 AM

Pretty much what they said. That's the basic tricks. Once you get manuals down, you could try hopping out of them. That's fun to do. And most importantly, have fun.


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