New forks headache!

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6/10/2021 5:32 PM

Hi guys, PLEASE help. I am failing as a dad. My son has a Fit Series 1 bike. He wanted to spend his birthday money on new forks. He fell in love with the Snafu Jackson bars. They have an integrated race on the bottom, but it seems too small for his headset? The bike appears to have press in cups. The bottom race that is pressed on to the factory forks seems bigger than the integrated race on the bottom of his new forks.

What do I need to do to make this work?



6/12/2021 4:55 AM

Can you post some pics to see how you have it assembled and what it looks like?


6/13/2021 2:13 PM

You'll need a new 1 1/8th headset, anything with press in cups for a 45x45 bearing. MTB brands like FSA will be your best bet


1/9/2022 1:18 PM

If the new forks have an integrated race, and the frame as pressed-in cups, you may want to go for a MISSION Conversion headset, or VERDE Neo integrated headset.


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